Alantus Business Advantage by IVC Business Systems

The Enterprise Social Networking Advantage...

How do you ensure that the best people in your company are sharing their ideas and expertise with junior employees? What's the best way for managers to communicate with a dispersed team, keep up with projects in multiple locations, and identify and address problem areas in real time? Effective collaboration maximizes the return on your most important investment... people! Inherently build knowledge management or Lessons Learned systems that enhances the knowledge and skill of you entire organization! Working together means truly real time collaborative systems and applications... Alantus delivers! Best of all, it's free to our existing Customers, and very inexpensive for new customers!

Email can be cumbersome, hidden, and lacks the full richness of a collaborative environment. By exposing concepts and ideas to a wider audience in a safe protected environment, innovation thrives through the power of social networking!

That's the reason we built Alantus Business Advantage. Let us show you how Alantus can save you time and money when it comes to project management, document sharing, and engaging employees in conversations that make a difference for your bottom line


Connect people within your organization

Alantus lets all of your teams, workgroups and departments communicate seamlessly and in real time, no matter where they are and no matter what kind of device they are using. The power in any organization is in the people, and when you allow those people to connect and collobrate, that power is unleashed in powerful ways.


Create focused, real-time groups

Alantus empowers you and your employees to create private or public groups and invite other coworkers to join. It's simple - create and sustain media-rich conversations on a project-by-project basis or simply for group or personal organization. This powerful application allows employees to "self" organize around common projects, groups, tasks, or any other issue to solve problems.


Finally, a way to deploy applications easily

We've harnessed  the "App" model to seamlessly allow you to deliver any HTML website, built with any web technology directly into your enterprise! Simply use Alantus to make it an "App" in the App Store, and it's immediately available to all of your users. Plant the seeds and watch them grow...


Advance Your Business!

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We Work For You!

We've built a solid foundation in Alantus Business Advantage, but you know your organization best. This foundation is made to be easily built upon, and we welcome your suggestion! Our goal is to work with our Customers to build the next generation of collaborative applications for the enterprise... join us, we're working for you!