Alantus Business Advantage by IVC Business Systems
Enterprise Social Networking

Clients List

  • IBM
  • State of Missouri
  • Kaiser Medical
  • Mayo Clinic
  • ESPN Sports
  • PC Magazine
  • Toshiba
  • Ford
  • Mc Graw Hill
  • Car and Driver
  • SBC & Pacific Bell
  • SAIC

Be Our Client!

We're looking for a few good Partners

Our Customers are our partners. This is a collaboration, not a one sided venture. Over time we've learned that while we have come up with great ideas and products, it's our Customers that make them workable in the real world.

So when you decide to purchase our products or services, you get a committed and responsive partner that's focused on making the solution work for all involved. Is it a balancing act? You bet it is, but when goals align, it's a beautiful thing.

So join us, there's always room for another good Partner!

Our Most Respected Clients